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Mezzanine Floors for the UK

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Mezzanine Floors – Technical Data

Structural Supports

Mezzanine Floor Decking

Most of the time internal mezzanine flooring have 38mm thick P6 high density flooring grade chipboard. In the event of risk of spillage or high humidity such as cold stores, P5 moisture resistant chipboard decking would be recommended. BS EN 312:5 2003 & BS EN 312:6 2003

External mezzanine platforms have galvanised steel chequer plate or galvanised steel open mesh flooring to prevent rotting and rusting from the weather.

Mezzanine Floor Main Beams

The main support for mezzanine floors are Universal Beams similar to an RSJ or I Beam. There are many different sections for different loads and column grids. The sections determined for use are all calculated to BS 5950 Part 1.

Mezzanine Floor Secondary Joists

Galvanised steel C-section joists with cleats at each end which bolt to the main beams. The decking is screwed to the secondary joists. BS EN 10147 & BS 5950 Part 5.

The columns used to support the main beams are steel square hollow section (SHS) ranging from 70mm² to 200mm². A flat square steel plate is welded to the bottom and the top of the SHS forming a base plate and a top plate. The sections determined for use are all calculated to BS 5950 Part 1

Mezzanine Floor Columns